AlterNativity – 2006 to 2023

AlterNativity was introduced to Hinckley 17 years ago and started by a group from various Hinckley Churches. It is a Hinckley Churches Together event. This annual ‘pre’ Christmas event offers charitable ‘living gifts’ as an alternative to traditional Christmas presents. Many gifts have been purchased, sent and received during this time, gifts like clean water, and trees, cows and chickens, medicines and the precious gift of sight and other surgical treatments.  

From the first AlterNativity Christmas event in 2006 to 2022 over £223,000 has been raised by the event supporters to help those in need.

Why not join in and spread a little joy this Christmas?

The main event is held on a Saturday in November at the Mary Forryan Centre, Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1LW. This is followed by period of a month where ‘gifts’ can be purchased by mail order from St Peters Priory. Several charities both local and national are invited to send representatives to the event to promote their work and to offer for sale a single ‘gift’ that will benefit a needy person or family. Those who come along to the event either purchase one or several of the ‘gifts’ as Christmas presents for their family and friends along with an AlterNativity gift presentation card. Those who choose to give an AlterNativity ‘gift’ effectively doubly bless at Christmas as both their chosen friend or family member receives a gift as does the needy person, receiving the gift via a Charity.

There is always a fantastic atmosphere at the event and it is so wonderful that we can share together in the common goal of helping the needy and therefore spreading Good News and Christmas Joy.

Over 20 different gifts will be on offer ranging from nursing care to the basics of life like food, bedding and equipment. All these gifts will help a needy person somewhere in this very needy world.


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