AlterNativity 2020

... Doing Christmas Differently

Touch the heart of someone you love with a special gift this Christmas

So that someone in real need can benefit from it.


Dear friends,

You will all be well aware of the restrictions placed upon us by the pandemic Covid19 and how
difficult this has made it for us to do the things we normally take for granted at this time of the year
in particular our shopping for Christmas. You may have been doing this now for some years via the
AlterNativity event and project to the point that this has become something of second nature to you.
You have actually changed your Christmas shopping habits dramatically and permanently, so
although we are not this year able to hold our annual event here in Hinckley as such, we feel
nevertheless duty bound to continue the project in some way, out of loyalty to you and to the
charities who benefit so much from the gifts that you buy. Accordingly, we will continue and enlarge
the mail order feature of our project and hope that this will be acceptable to you. We have always
been keen to emphasise that AlterNativity is not primarily a way of giving money to charity but
actually of buying gifts that people really want at this time of the year and thereby supporting the
charities as well. We have now established a regular clientele of over 200 people every year who
quite clearly are very serious about shopping in this manner and it would be a real shame for us not
to continue this practice simply because of the Covid 19 restrictions.

Therefore, order forms are available through the website for you to print off, fill in and return.
Please copy these forms to give to your friends; or direct them to the website, and please promote the idea of
AlterNativity through word of mouth, or your social media outlets if you can. Christmas shopping
this year will no doubt be more daunting than ever, and so this simple way of solving the problem
will hopefully appeal to many more people. The special AlterNativity poem explains precisely what
is involved in this project and the effect that these gifts can have on their recipients. The Gift Aid
facility remains a very important part of the project, and we encourage you to make use of it if you
pay tax. We will miss seeing you in person this November and renewing friendships with
representatives of the charities who, like yourselves, have now become a most welcome part of what
we call the AlterNativity family which this year has lost two of its wonderful members, Margaret
Garrett and Terry Coyle. Please remember them and their families.

With kindest regards, and good wishes to you and all your loved ones.

Father Frank Daly (Director, and the AlterNativity organising committee)


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