Alternative Christmas Gift Event

What is AlterNativity about? .....doing Christmas differently

‘Life Gifts’ for your friends and family to help the poorest and neediest people at home and abroad

AlterNativity is an annual event held on a Saturday in November with the aim of promoting a different view of Christmas giving. It ‘Aids’ those in need or difficulty at Christmas by offering ‘living gifts’ for you to give your family and friends as an alternative Christmas gift to help the poor, hungry, sick and homeless. National and local charities have a stand at the event and tell you about the gifts they are offering and who they will help. This year’s charities include Feed The Hungry, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Hinckley Homeless, Send A Cow, MS Society, FIM and Intercare. In most cases the gifts you chose will make a real difference in the lives of the beneficiaries – and hopefully bring a smile to the faces of all those involved in this ‘giving triangle’
The plight of the thousands of refugees struggling to get into Europe having had to run away from violence and cruelty in their own countries is still a regular feature on our news bulletins and is not going to go away. Their fate in the long term has yet to be decided and will clearly ask a lot of all governments and peoples of Europe, but in the meantime there are more pressing needs – food and survival kits. Two international charities providing these items can be supported at this year’s AlterNativity.

Amongst these gifts are:
MMedical supplies and surgical treatments, like a cleft-palate operation, and antibiotics for vunerable children.
Nursing and respite care.
Emergency survival kit for refugees.
Boarding at school for slum children.
Items to provide a continual supply of food for families and children.
Tools & Equipment
Vet treatment
Also a Christmas visit to Santa for a family in distress
There is a separate children’s order form this year will all gifts under £5

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